Something to think about if you operate a modern website..

People love to text!

Thanks for visiting SMS Labs. We offer our experience and unique software library to help webmasters benefit from text (SMS) and voice technology.

More and more web users prefer sms messages for simplicity and speed plus the increased privacy and lack of spam compared to email.

Our Services:

  • Gateway Products:
  • Form based text to SMS
  • SMS to/from database
  • SMS to/from Email
  • SMS to/from Voice
  • Site Alerts
  • Server health
  • unusual activity
  • Support request (chat)
  • Customer Alerts
  • Password Recovery
  • Coupon Delivery
  • Item back in stock
  • Item on sale
  • Expiring offers


  • Nexmo
  • Pusher
  • Pubnub
  • Sendhub
  • Twilio
  • Tropo

You can contact us with your project without payment.. We strive to quickly deliver a custom solution for your needs using our pre-made libraries. As a general rule, we provide the requested features as a SAS solution with low monthly or annual billing. This method allows you to test and explore the software with no advance payment, and no risk.

SMS Labs is operated by Concho Software.

Voice/Text/SMS: (512) 900-9747

If you are a developer yourself, Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our experience with the vendors mentioned. We also maintain an inventory of test numbers and a variety of IOS and Android devices for testing and proof-of-concept.